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Courseware Platforms

JobReady’s is your access point to learning. This page will explain more about the relation JobReady and our supported platforms. These learning products make up your learning pathways and course that will lead to you earning your badges. These products are hosted on a variety platforms such as Skillsoft, Harvard Management Mentor, and 180 Skills.


If you have specific questions relating to your products platform we have a dedicated page for each platform

Platforms Basics

My Products 

“My Products” page <> holds all your products you currently have access to. Each product is hosted on a specific platform and to access a specific product you will be redirected to that platform. To do this, simply select the “launch Product” button.


Platform Access 

When you are redirected to your products platform, it will require you to login. Use your email and password, attached to your JobReady account, to gain access into your platform. Save your password with your browser to make logging in automatic.


Essentials Information

JobReady has 6000+ pre-built Skillsoft courses covering Business Skills, Leadership and Management, IT Skills, Software Development, Professional Certifications and Office Productivity Tools. 


Essentials Information

There's no one better than Harvard Business Publishing.  Its Harvard Managementor collection of 41 pre-built courses spanning topics on Managing Yourself, Managing Others and Managing the organization can boost the job seekers and career shifters you reach with powerful, thoughtful, challenging and engaging learning experiences that will prepare them for their next leadership challenge.

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Essentials Information

180 Skills has been the trusted partner of top US employers in manufacturing, utilities and related industries for a decade.  180 Skills understands people who learn by doing, and its rich, engaging interactive online courses reflect that and build core skills to prepare job seekers to be job ready on Day One.


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