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JobReady is a LearningMate company. LearningMate has been at the leading edge of education technology, content, and infrastructure for over twenty-five years. LearningMate works in all sectors of education, inculding K-12, workforce, and higher-ed. Learn more about LearningMate.


JobReady began as a collaboration between the National Education Foundation (NEF), and Open4 Learning with the goal of delivering high-quality, affordable, relevant career pathways and credentials for the 21st century to a million job seekers and career shifters.  


With JobReady, NEF and Open4 Learning have brought together a massive collection of top-rated corporate learning courses, all aligned to in-demand skills and many resulting in industry-recognized credentials.  We deliver solutions for our partners that seamlessly integrate content and capabilities from our partners, including Skillsoft, 180 Skills, Isograd, Credly, MyInnerGenius and other e-learning providers.


JobReady and its partners have curated career-aligned course collections from thousands of courses, enabling job seekers to follow pathways that lead to jobs and promotions.  Initial pathways include: cybersecurity, data science, project management, IT and networking, software development, manufacturing, business skills, leadership and certifications. 

JobReady is the beneficiary of the philanthropy of NEF and its founder and Chairman Dr. Appu Kuttan, whose vision to improve the lives of the underserved through education is matched only by his impressive body of work in realizing that vision in K12 education.  He now seeks to extend NEF’s impact to the workforce through this collaboration with Open4 Learning, a leading ed tech innovation and venture development company. Together, the organizations are joining forces to advance the shared goal of job readiness for all.


 Dr. Appu Kuttan

Founder and Chairman

National Education Foundation  

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