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180 Skills has been the trusted partner of top US employers in manufacturing, utilities and related industries for a decade.  180 Skills understands people who learn by doing, and its rich, engaging interactive online courses reflect that and build core skills to prepare job seekers to be job ready on Day One.

180Skills Basics

180 Skills Basics


There are two menus on 180 Skills platform. The first is on the left side where you can access the home, library, achievements, help, and a collapse menu feature. The other is a dropdown menu in the top right corner where you can find access to your profile information.



The home page has easy access to all the products you have access to. On the top there is a search bar with the ability to organize products by All, In Progress, Not Started, and Completed. To access the product, simply select anywhere on the badge and you will be redirected to the products learning path page.



The library page has several search options. Might not have access to library depending on access


180 Skills Profile Page

The My Profile page holds all your personal information like name, email, password that is all editable. There is also contact information like mobile number, address, and additional information like place of business. Most of this this information should be empty and is not necessary to edit.


Completion Criteria

To complete a Learning Plan (a product associated with a badge), you must go through all of the courses. Many of the course have an assessment at the end that you need to achieve a 100% to pass. Assessments can be retaken as many times as needed.

Accessing your products

Accessing your products

Adding Product

When adding a 180 Skills product, the authentication process takes 24hrs to get approved. During this time you should find your product under a pending status.


Activate 180 Skills Account

Once your product is activated, you will receive an email that is associated with your JobReady account to activate your 180 Skills account. This is required to access your 180 Skills product. Follow the instructions that are provided in the email to activate your 180 Skills account.


Accessing Learning Path

After you create your 180 Skills account and login you will land on either your home page or directly into your learning path. When on the home page, simply click your learn path to access the learning path page.


Starting a course

To begin you learning path, simply select the button “Start the learning Path” at the top of the page.


Thats It!

For more Information check out 180 Skills  Help Center

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Getting started

Quick tour around the different parts of JobReady


Problems logging in

Overcome technical problems that are preventing you getting in.

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