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There's no one better than Harvard Business Publishing.  The Harvard Managementor collection of 41 pre-built courses -- spanning topics on Managing Yourself, Managing Others and Managing the organization -- can boost the job seekers and career shifters you reach with powerful, thoughtful, challenging and engaging learning experiences that will prepare them for their next leadership challenge.

Harvard Basics

Harvard Management Mentor Basics


The header gives quick access to your courses lessons, assessment, on-the-job practice, and other supplemental resources.


Course Homepage

Each Harvard course has its own homepage. Like on the header this is a great place to find what is needed to complete the course like the lesson plan and assessment.


Completion Criteria

To effectively complete a course, you need to make your way through all of the lessons. You can confirm you completed all of the lessons if they all have a checkmark. Lastly, you will need to receive an 80% on the assessment. The on-the-job practice is optional but recommended.

Accessing your products

Accessing your products

Launch Product

When launching your product, the type of access your product determines where you will land. If your product has access to several learning courses you will be redirected to a library page which is shown in the top left corner. If your product has access to one specific course, you will be directly linked to it like the one shown in the top right corner.


Library Subscriptions 

If you’ve been given acces to Harvard MangeMentors library you will land here. Browse the catalogue and choose the course that is right for you.


Course Page

When on the course page you will have access to all the necessary content to complete the course and all the supplemental recourses.


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