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Skillsoft Aspire Journey:

Security Analyst to

Security Architect

With new security threats appearing daily, security is a very important part of any organization. In this journey, you will explore different security roles that play a big role in keeping organizations secure.

Analyze, identify, mitigate, and prevent the theft of valuable data. Skillsoft Aspire Journeys are the only role-based path towards Security Architects who plan and implement an organization's security policies.

This Aspire Learning Journey includes 86 courses organized into the following 6 tracks:

  • Security Analyst Track 1: Security Analyst

  • Security Architect Track 2: Forensics Analyst

  • Security Architect Track 3: Vulnerability Analyst

  • Security Architect Track 4: Security Architect

  • Business & Leadership for Security Architects

  • Productivity Tools for Security Architects

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