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Skillsoft Aspire Journey:

Software Project Analyst to

Senior Software Project Manager

Every organization is looking to reinvent how work is done and optimize their processes, as they move towards a more Agile mindset. As a result, there is an increasing demand for Senior Software Project Managers who have the relevant training and experience in Agile methodologies relating to software development.

Speed up development time, make the best use of resources, and beat the competition by delivering better products and faster services. Skillsoft Aspire Journeys are the only role-based project management paths focused on the unique challenges of software development.

This Aspire Learning Journey includes 32 courses organized into the following 4 tracks:

  • PM Track 1: Software Project Analyst

  • PM Track 2: Software Project Lead

  • PM Track 3: Software Project Manager

  • PM Track 4: Senior Software Project Manager

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