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Skillsoft Aspire Journey:

Novice Developer to


Python continues to be one of the fastest-growing programming languages in the market today. Because of its ease of use and numerous supporting frameworks, it’s widely used in web development, writing scripts, automating tasks, data science, and even cybersecurity.

The Python Novice to Pythonista journey takes learners on a path that starts with courses for those with basic math capabilities, Java, HTML, or CSS knowledge. By the end of the journey, the learner will have worked up to wrangling excel data with Python, Network programming, and continual testing strategies. Key technologies are covered such as Python 3.x, JSON, Flask, Anaconda 2018, Jupyter Notebooks, Unittest, PyUnit, PyCharm, and more.

This Aspire Learning Journey includes 63 courses organized into the following 6 tracks:

  • Pythonista Track 1: Python Novice

  • Pythonista Track 2: Python Apprentice

  • Pythonista Track 3: Python Journeyman

  • Pythonista Track 4: Pythonista

  • Business & Leadership for Pythonista

  • Productivity Tools for Pythonista

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