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Skillsoft Aspire Journey:

Enterprise Development to DevOps Engineer

The primary goal of DevOps is to overcome the limitations of traditional enterprise development by bridging the gap between programmers, testers and QA, and IT operations. Explore the different stages required to go from an Enterprise Developer to a DevOps Engineer.

Improve application performance quicker and with fewer errors. Skillsoft Aspire Learning Journeys are the only intentionally designed and hands-on learning paths that build teams’ expertise in blending Operations and Development concepts.

This Aspire Learning Journey includes 39 courses organized into the following 4 tracks:

  • DevOps Engineer Track 1: Software Developer

  • DevOps Engineer Track 2: DevOps Tools, Frameworks, and Capabilities

  • DevOps Engineer Track 3: DevOps Lead

  • Business & Leadership for DevOps Engineer

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