Invite Participants

MyInnerGenius provides a powerful and useful career fit assessment for job seekers, enabling you and them to better understand career possibilities they may want to pursue and have demonstrated aptitude for.


As an Admin or Counselor, you are responsible for inviting participants to take the MyInnerGenius assessments. 

MyInnerGenius helps you be a better coach

  • Invite Participants - Invite a participant to create an account and take the MyInnerGenius assessment.

  • View Participant Invitations - View the list of participants invited:

    • Pending users are invitations that have been sent but not yet accepted (when an invitation is accepted, the user has created a MyInnerGenius account); 

    • Active accounts are ones where the participant has received an invitation by email to create their account.  These invitations expire after 7 days, so please encourage participants to create their account as soon as possible.

  • View Usage of MyInnerGenius - View when participants started and completed their first MyInnerGenius assessment

Information and Links

Please find useful information and links, such as system access and FAQs, below.

See how participants create accounts to access MyInnerGenius