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Is your organization a...

Outreach Partners

Best for organizations that want to promote the JobReady program with minimal effort.


Outreach Partners promote JobReady programs to their communities, based on a set of career pathway courses of their choice.


We can co-brand the program with your organization's logo and messaging.  We can also make your organization (or one you designate) the issuer of the credential for the course.

In exchange, we provide you with a share of revenues generated (unless there's a good reason, we offer you 5%).


Site Partners

Best for organizations that want to add JobReady to an existing or planned initiative.


Site Partners pre-pay for access to collections of career pathway courses of your choice  (in exchange for volume discounts), making them available to your community as part of your programs.  


You can even bundle JobReady into your existing offerings. 


Employability Partners

Best for employers seeking skilled employees.


Employability Partners are looking for job candidates, and we pair them with job seekers who pass courses the partners care about.

We communicate the jobs and industries seeking particular skills. At your option, we can provide more targeted and branded messaging to job seekers.

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